COVID -19 Protocols and changes to policies

Latest Restrictions

Masks/face coverings must now be worn in the centre at all times, including while you're on the mats. Whilst you are climbing, masks may be removed.

All visitors should scan the government Track and Trace QR code as they enter the centre.

Masks must be worn in the cafe area, unless you are seated at a table.

All food and drink must now be consumed at a table - either upstairs on the mezzanine or outside on the benches.

Changes to Opening Hours

When you arrive

We will be operating on slightly reduced weekday opening hours for the immediate future. Monday - Friday, the centre will be open 1pm-9pm. The weekend opening hours will remain the same as before, Saturday 10am-8pm, Sunday 10am-6pm.

Capacity Restrictions

To ensure everyone has plenty of space to stay safe whilst using the centre, we will be enforcing a maximum capacity of 29 people in the centre at any time. We will not be requiring you to pre-book before you visit.


There is a live capacity counter on the home page, please check this before you visit to avoid any disappointment or need to wait before coming in. 

During the times of restricted capacity, we are asking that you try to keep the length of your visit to a maximum of 2hrs. 

14 - 17 Unsupervised climbers

Climbers under the age of 18, who have been deemed safe to climb without supervision, may continue to do so. As with all safety protocols enforced in the centre, it is the responsibility of the climber to ensure they acting in an appropriate way. Should an under 18 unsupervised climber fail to adhere to the new COVID-19 safety protocols, or fail to maintain appropriate social distancing, they will lose the right to climb in the centre unsupervised. They may then only climb whilst being supervised by a competent adult.




All climbers will be required to use liquid chalk with a minimum 70% alcohol content and/or containing chlorhexidine. Suitable liquid chalk will be available to rent from the desk or will be available to buy in our shop.

Climbers may use powder chalk in conjunction to liquid chalk, provided liquid chalk is still used regularly to allow for continued hand sanitisation.

Whilst we understand that liquid chalk may not be everyone's favorite, please bear with us, and remember this is only a temporary measure.


The reason behind this policy is that the additional hand sanitising between climbs, provided by use of this type of liquid chalk, we believe will help keep everyone safe in our centre. As well as this, reducing powder chalk use will minimise loose chalk residue on holds. This will help reduce particulates becoming airborne, protecting both the climbers and the staff when they strip routes and clean the holds.  

Please arrive at the centre dressed ready to climb, access to changing rooms will not be available. 

When you arrive please follow instructions from staff and take the time to read the safety information which will be displayed outside the front of the centre. Distance markings will be set out on the floor, please take care to adhere to these whilst waiting or signing in. Further safety information will be displayed throughout the centre, please make sure you are adhering to these new rules at all times.

Make sure to remember to use the hand sanitiser provided before coming inside, and again before you leave!

In line with guidelines from the Association of British Climbing walls and current government advice, customers will be required to wear face masks whilst using the centre, but not whilst actually climbing.

New climbers

If you are new to the centre, please watch the safety video and complete all of the required forms ahead of your visit (take care to read the safety questions carefully, to avoid having to fill in the form a second time!).

Everything you need in order to complete the sign up process can be found on the First visit page of the website. You do not need to book ahead of any visits.


We will be suspending all improver classes classes for the immediate future, owing to the difficulty these pose in terms of effective social distancing. We can still offer introduction to bouldering classes.

For new climbers who are interested in taking part in an introduction to bouldering class, please get in touch at as it may still be possible to arrange these lessons at specific times. 

If you have any questions about changes to policies or procedures please feel free to get in touch, either at or, once were open again on the 25th, over the phone on 01325 380037 staff will be happy to help!

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