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Who are we?

Ibex bouldering is Darlington's only indoor bouldering centre. The centre is owned and run by three passionate climbers - Arthur, Freda and Sam.


We started with an empty building in September 2019, and put everything into turning the shell into an awesome bouldering centre. We're especially proud of just how much climbing space we've squeezed in.


The biggest goal for us was to create a new community of climbers in Darlington, and to make sure as many people as possible can access this fantastic sport.

Work has well and truly begun on site! W

What sets us apart from other nearby centres?

Our centre is designed to cater perfectly to climbers of all ages and abilities. Everyone is welcome here!

Ibex is run by climbers, for climbers.


We pride ourselves on the high quality and frequency of our route setting. We reset one area of the centre every week, which means new routes for everyone to try all the time. 

What have we got?

Loads of bouldering space, a training area complete with training and campus boards and fingerboard, climbing shop and a cozy café hang out area.

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