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First Visit

No booking is required! Anyone can turn up any time to climb. There is no time limit once you've paid entry, come and go as you please for the whole day.

Bouldered before but new to our centre?

Everyone who's new to our wall will need to sign an electronic waiver and watch a short safety video before they are allowed to climb unsupervised. You can speed up this process by watching the video and signing the waiver online ahead of your first visit.

The first time you come to the centre you will be asked some simple safety questions by a member of staff, you will be required to answer these satisfactorily before you will be allowed to climb unsupervised. If you cannot answer the safety questions, you will be asked to watch the safety video again.

General info

Anyone over the age of 5 can give bouldering a go. Make sure to read our under 18s policy before bringing children to climb.

There is a one off registration fee of £3, this will see you entered on to our database for life.

All climbers will need to wear climbing shoes, you can either bring your own or rent a pair of ours.

You should wear comfortable, non-restrictive clothing. Loose jewellery and rings must be taken off before climbing.

Never bouldered before?

If you've never bouldered before, we recommend you attend our introduction to bouldering class. This class is a great way to learn how to keep yourself safe in the centre, alongside some basic climbing techniques to help you get started. Read more about this class here.

Alternatively, we would recommend that you come along with a friend who is a competent boulderer and can offer you guidance on basic bouldering techniques.

However, you can simply turn up any time to climb. Although we do suggest you consider choosing either of the options above, you may choose to come along any time unsupervised. On your first visit, you will be required to watch the safety video and answer safety questions satisfactorily before being allowed to climb alone in the centre.

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