Under 18s

All under 18s must have a waiver filled out on their behalf by a parent or legal guardian.

Whilst using the centre, under 18s must be supervised by a competent adult who has also filled out a waiver themselves, each supervisor may accompany up to two under 18s.

An adult supervisor does not necessarily have to climb themselves, but will be expected to answer safety questions at the desk to ensure they are safe to supervise. A supervisor who is not climbing does not need to pay the entrance fee.

Unsupervised climbing

Children over the age of 14 may climb unsupervised once qualified as competent.

To qualify as competent, we require the climber to watch the safety video and answer simple safety questions in a satisfactory way.

A 14+ climber must also have a consent form signed by a parent or legal guardian, either online or in the centre, stating they have given permission for the child to climb unsupervised. We recommend that parents who aren't familiar with bouldering visit the centre before signing a consent form, in order to fully understand the nature of the activity.

Unsafe behaviour displayed by a 14+ unsupervised climber, may result in their right to climb unsupervised being revoked.

0 - 13s 

Children between the ages of 0 -13 must be supervised by an adult at all times whilst climbing.

If your child is between 11-13 and holds a NIBAS level 3 award, please contact us directly if you wish for them to climb unsupervised.

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